Philanthropic Giving and the Millennial Generation

28 Apr Philanthropic Giving and the Millennial Generation

If you know anything about millennials, you know they are typically quite generous. Philanthropic giving means a lot to them, which is why they are so eager to do business with and work for ethical companies. Giving is a big part of Proof Management, Inc.’s culture, and we’ve learned a lot by watching our young professionals in action.

For instance, millennials want to know how their efforts make a difference. They often research the ways charities use their funding. Our Proof Management, Inc. leaders appreciate the desire to gather information and ensure that resources are used efficiently. These young workers also want to hear about upcoming events, volunteer options, and other news from the nonprofits they support.

We’ve observed that many millennials donate approximately $1,000 throughout the course of a year. Their gifts are likely to be spread over several different groups, instead of a lump sum to a specific agency. Furthermore, they tend toward monthly giving programs as well as matching opportunities.

In addition to sharing their own funds, young professionals are eager to help raise money on behalf of causes they support. This works well because millennials are heavily influenced by one another. They rally a lot of action this way! These givers are happy to do hands-on work as well – especially when they do so in the company of their friends and colleagues.

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