Make Your Incentives Impactful With These Tips

11 May Make Your Incentives Impactful With These Tips

In most companies, incentives are offered as rewards to motivate associates. Think carrot dangling from the stick. Our Proof Management leaders suggest that a powerful incentive program requires much more thought to maximize efforts. Here are three best practices you should incorporate to boost your team’s performance:

  • Incentives Based on Results, Not Rights: One mistake our Proof Management experts suggest many managers make is to let associates treat incentives as entitlements. They expect that if they’re doing their jobs, even the bare minimum, they’re still going to get this perk. Instead, reserve incentives for actual achievements, such as beating last year’s goals. You can also distribute them spontaneously as recognition for going above and beyond. 
  • Know What Incentives Matter to Your Team: Don’t assume that what motivates you to work harder and faster will have the same impact on your team. Our Proof Management professionals suggest that you talk to your associates individually and as a team to identify the best program to optimize performance results. You might find that they have some creative thoughts on what ignites their sparks. 
  • Meaningful Work Is an Incentive: This is an often overlooked yet a powerful way to get your associates moving forward. Make sure that they understand their daily tasks and projects have a purpose. People work harder when they know the WHY behind what they do.

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