Let Your Personality Shine Through With Your Office

11 May Let Your Personality Shine Through With Your Office

Whether you own your own company or have your own space, part of being successful is creating an environment that reflects you and your personality. Our Proof Management experts have some tips on how to design your office to showcase the real you.

To begin, our Proof Management professionals recommend a little self-reflection. What is your leadership style? If you’re more traditional or serious, you might opt to have your office reflect that style. Perhaps dark wood, book cases, and richly upholstered chairs. Also, consider private offices with closed doors. For example, if you feel more inspired in a law office, that might be the style you like.

If you’re more whimsical or want your team to be inspired to innovate, our Proof Management executives note you should opt for areas conducive to creativity. You could have a mix of quiet spaces in relaxing hues of blues and greens and more vibrant, electrifying spots, replete with games. Natural lighting is appropriate in this space, as are walls your team can write ideas upon or tables on which they can doodle.

It’s always good to incorporate elements of your company’s culture into your space. If you want your team to gather, have a breakroom that has snacks. If you are big into social responsibility, look for eco-friendly furnishings and floorings. Your objective is to design a workspace that directly reflects your personality or your company’s overall culture. 

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