Elements for Hosting an Industry Networking Event

11 May Elements for Hosting an Industry Networking Event

Every industry has networking groups. As our Proof Management experts note, bringing these people together as part of a conference or other event can be a fruitful opportunity for everyone to expand their contacts and learn more. Here are some key thoughts for those who organize these events:

  • Think Location: The place at which the event takes place should reflect the group’s distinct culture. Our Proof Management pros propose that you think about the individuals who will be attending, their collective interests, and overall vibe. Consider the average age, travel abilities, and types of activities you might include in your event. Some groups might like a more urban feel and pick a big city. Other groups might be more at home in more rural setting, like a ranch.
  • Think Structure: Designing your event means considering the types of activities that will best suit your crowd. Think of a solid theme that will engage them. You want a good mix of knowledge transfer (speakers), structured activities like receptions, and some downtime that allows people to meet and greet organically.
  • Think Simple: Our Proof Management executives suggest that you make getting around and participating as easy for your attendees as possible. Create websites and apps that allow registrations, check-ins, and connecting with others.

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