Why a Career Plateau Isn’t a Bad Thing

14 Apr Why a Career Plateau Isn’t a Bad Thing

Everyone finds themselves in a rut once in a while. Though complacency may feel nice at first, it doesn’t take long for the most ambitious people to grow restless. Our Proof Management, Inc. associates certainly know the feeling! We are always eager to learn and grow, though we have found that the occasional career plateau isn’t so terrible. Here’s why:

  • Plateaus Indicate Success: Contrary to what you might think, feeling like you’ve hit a wall is not an indication of failure. It may mean that you’ve become so competent in your position that the initial excitement and nervousness the job brought has subsided. You’re confident in what you do, and you can handle whatever challenges you face, so relish in it! You’ll still have plenty of opportunities to move forward when the time is right.
  • Boredom Sparks Creativity: When you are busy and overwhelmed, your mind doesn’t have much space for creativity. When you are bored, however, your thoughts will wander and fresh ideas will emerge. If you find yourself twiddling your thumbs at your desk, try not to feel too frustrated. Our Proof Management, Inc. associates guarantee that innovation is on its way!

The next time you land in a career slump, push aside the discouragement and replace it with a bit of celebration. Get more information on career dynamics by visiting the Proof Management, Inc. website at http://proofmanagementinc.com/.


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