For the Best Creative Muse, Hit the Road

11 May For the Best Creative Muse, Hit the Road

Did we mention that we love to travel at Proof Management? In fact, we’re always sending team members to conferences and retreats. Not only do we learn considerably from these trips, but being away from the familiarity of our offices can get our creative juices flowing.

As we’ve noted at Proof Management, when we travel, being someplace different has a relaxing effect on us. It could be that because of the new surroundings we’re not able to see the piles of work on our desk or anything else our minds would focus on if we were back in the office. When you relax your mind, it frees up space so that you’re able to be more imaginative. There are fewer distractions as well, since it can be more difficult to reach you as you’re traversing a new locale. Between cell dead spots and less technology at your disposal, you’re unchained, at least slightly.

Not only is your mind and spirit liberated throughout your travels, our Proof Management professionals advise that different sites, specifically historical locations, can be inspirational. Your mind will churn as you observe museum exhibits, unique architecture, or displays of both the modern or classic variety. If you’re in a natural setting, you can let your mind unwind amongst the surrounding ecology.

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