Proof Management’s Vision for Success

By applying the most potent interactive marketing techniques, Proof Management has helped many businesses in various industries grow rapidly within the Detroit Metro market. Through our outsourced promotional model, we guarantee continuous expansion for the businesses we serve, while freeing them from the obligations of in-house marketing.

The Proof Management Company Culture

Proof Management was founded on the belief that individuals can achieve unlimited growth through desire, passion, and teamwork. To reflect this, we have developed an innovative training and coaching system that equips all of our team members with the latest skills and industry knowledge. Our focus on providing opportunities and the means to succeed has attracted many talented individuals to our organization.

True Professional Excellence

The success and growth of the products we represent is our highest priority at Proof Management. We design all of our campaigns to align with today’s business needs. Our efforts have earned our firm a position as a leader in the field. Companies large and small know they can trust our entire team due to the values we uphold:

Community Service



Daily Perks

We are proud to offer an energizing yet stress-relieving environment to our dedicated team. The Proof Management office has a space for everyone. Whether they are working with a group, brainstorming to begin a new project, or relaxing individually after meeting a deadline, we are able to accommodate. Beyond our regular team nights, which include dinners and bowling, our team also enjoys daily perks on the job.