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Our Proof Management Mission

Our mission at Proof Management is not only to take pride in helping companies grow, but also to provide them with innovative sales and marketing techniques in the Detroit Metro area. We have a passionate team that is knowledgeable of strategic territory planning, direct marketing and sales and promotional campaigns. Our dedicated team ensures that measurable results are obtained to meet our clients’ exacting expectations.

Proof Management’s Impact

At Proof Management, we aim to provide sales and marketing solutions for companies that want to achieve greater brand recognition and loyalty. We use modern, direct advertising methods to ensure that consumers are connected with a brand with long-term loyalty.

What Proof Management Can Do for You

We have an incredible diverse client portfolio, which has allowed us to develop our abilities and provide sales and marketing strategies across a number of industries.

Proof Management's Client Impact

Our direct promotional strategy means that we attract brand new customers from day one, and give clients the chance to show customers what they have to offer.

Proof Management’s Customer Impact

One great way that customers benefit from our direct promotional techniques is that they can enjoy introductory prices that otherwise would not be available through an ecommerce business model.

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